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Wire & Spark Erosion
Wire and Spark Erosion: CNC wire erosion and spark machining are both processes that will allow us to produce intricate and difficult of parts, ie hexagonal pockets, blind keyways at very competitive prices, a key requirement for any customer.

A brief over view of Spark Machining:

To begin with an  electrode will  need to be manufactured. This can be made either from copper or graphite and is finished to the required component shape.

The electrode will then be mounted to the machine. Both the  component and the Electrode are immersed in a dielectric fluid and  a DC current passes through the electrode, eroding the component to the desired shape. There are many benefits of this kind of machining, ie the finished material can be hard or hardened prior to Spark erosion, there is generally no distortion during manufacture and the majority of metals can be machined. These are just some of the benefits.

A brief over view of Wire Erosion:

Instead of making a electrode the shape of the component, a wire passes through the work piece and runs between two spools with a DC current going through the wire. As before both component and wire are immersed in a dielectric fluid. This process involves no contact between the work piece and the wire which enables us to produce fine, intricate shapes to very tight tolerance’s whilst at the same time allowing us to achieve superb levels of repeatability.

Wire & Spark Eroding


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