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Press Tools
Press Tools:  Here we are in 2011 and the need for a press tool is still at times, a necessary requirement along with being the most cost effective way of producing intricate forms and shapes, many dies/punches are now produced by the process above. The Wire erosion process enhances any traditional manufacturing process, where a tolerance is critical to the production the punch and die in a press tool.

A brief outline of a press tool:

An aperture  the shape of the desired component is machined into a piece of material, called the Die (female). Another piece of material will then be machined to produce what is called the punch (male). Both of these pieces are then mounted  above each other in a bolster, with a guide and stripper in place.

The Press Tool is then generally mounted within a hydraulic press and the component material is passed through the tool between the Punch and Die. The  press fires at a given point bringing the two halves of the Press Tool together. This allows the Punch to pass through the material into the Die, producing either a finished or component or the desired shape into the material.


Press Tool


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