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Jigs & Fixtures
Jigs and Fixtures:   As before, the need for a fixture or a particular jig is still a requirement for many companies, allowing them to produce their products in the most cost effective manner. This is where we are able to win over so many engineering companies, employing experienced toolmakers and Technicians provides Samar with a range of experience that is now hard to come by.

A brief overview of Jigs and Fixtures:

A fixture can be designed and made to align or hold a component or components  in a repeatable position. This is especially important during the assembly or  a manufacturing process.

While a jig is equally as important, to say hold a component in a fixed position for repeatedly drilling holes in the same place  or welding two parts of a finished component together. Both processes greatly reduce the risk of operator error  and of component error. If the component is the wrong shape, it won’t fit into either Fixture or Jig and therefore reduces scrap and increases productivity.              


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